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Everyone relishes the chance to strike it big on a casino game!

The sheer thrill of placing a wager on a set of cards or chips and coming out of it several thousand or millions richer is the stuff dreams are made of.

And the question most people ask is: what is the strategy for winning and striking it big?

The answer is a simple one really – there is no fixed method, or rocket science, required to win when placing a bet.

However, this does not mean you cannot have a strategy that works for you. Of course, there is always a special plan behind every success story!

What this entails is fairly simple: plan, and stick to the plan! And it’s the same everywhere. It could be the casinos in Kenya, or the casinos in Vegas, or anywhere else on the planet.

First, set aside the money that you are willing to part with. The logic here is: if you lose all that money, you already have prepared yourself for the loss, so you are able to quickly get over it and try another day!

Too many people go into casinos and gaming institutions without a predefined budget, and before they know it, they have spent far more than they should have.

It is not a great feeling, in gaming or with any other activity in life, to be left counting your losses after spending more than you would have spent in normal circumstances.

So avoid such an unpleasant situation. Have a budget and stick to it! Once it’s all spent, walk out of the place and call it a day!

Another grave mistake that a lot of punters make is, you’ve guessed it right, alcohol consumption.

Drinking is fun, and doing it during gaming is too tempting. But do not drink to excess, or try not to drink at all!

Too often poor decisions are made under the influence of alcohol. In gaming, people tend to risk more or make rash decisions after a surplus of their favourite beverage.

Save the drinks for the celebrations and not during gaming!

Another important rule: take your time and get acclimated to your environment.

Don’t just jump straight into a game and start going hard. Get a lay of the land, see as many of the games available as you can, get used to the interfaces and functions in as far as online gaming goes.

This will put you in a more comfortable state of mind, and not to be struck like a deer in headlights, so to speak.

Take your time and take regular breaks so as to keep aware of the passage of time.

There are many online casino gaming sites out there, but africabet.com offers some of the best and most unique games.

We have hundreds of slot games that offer close to 90% return on average, much better chances to beat the house big just once. And we have Live casino games as well. This means you are not playing a Bot or the house, but you are actually playing against real people that are also logged on and playing live on the site.

The dealer will even chat with you and address you by name in real time. How cool is that! Online Casino Gaming in Kenya has never been better than this! You don’t want to be left out!

So as always, play responsibly, and do not play above your means.

Enjoy the games and we are here to help direct you to helpful organisations in your area if you should need assistance with gambling problems.

Cheers and good luck!


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